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The Story of UNICORN Slime...

The Story of Slime!!

What was initially intended to be a fun, afternoon hobby, quickly turned into a fully-fledged business for little Skyler. Skyler, a 9 year old pupil at Crawford Preparatory North Coast, brilliantly developed and turned a weekend hobby into a business called “Unicorn Slime by Skyler”. This creative young entrepreneur has already delivered her first orders of “Unicorn Slime by Skyler" to Swaziland and has turned the hobby that she is passionate about, into a business.

So how did it all start?

This enthusiastic entrepreneur loved sharing her Slime experiments with her friends and whilst doing so, would often be asked if she would make her slime for them. Soon, Skyler became very busy making Slime to order, and that’s when her ‘light bulb moment’ occurred. She then saw the opportunity to turn this into a business for her to earn extra money while doing what she loved and “Unicorn

Slime by Skyler” was born.

It has been quite an education for Skyler developing her product. It took her several experiments and many failures, for her to develop her perfect Slime that she would be happy and proud to sell to Slime lovers her age. She experimented with different textures, navigating through colours as well as creating the perfect recipe!

Skyler has had her finger on every aspect of developing her product, from coming up with her brand name, logo, what it would look and feel like and the packaging. She also took mums into consideration when deciding on texture and made sure that her magic goo is not too sticky so that kids can have hours of fun without getting into trouble with mum.

This is the heart story of a little girl who dares to DREAM BIG, despite her age and all the challenges she may face, she has enough heart to persevere. Her heart song is to make children experience the same joy she feels when she plays with Slime but above all, Skyler DARES YOU to DREAM BIG, create YOUR OWN STORY and ‘be a UNICORN in a field of horses’.