The Sugar Rush Market is one of the latest endeavors of the Park team who felt there was a need for a platform for local craftsmen, artisans and budding entrepreneurs and what better place than in Sugar Rush Park where Saturday mornings surely are one of the best places to be.

Starting with the Ballito parkrun at 8am with between 300-400 runners, walkers, kids and dogs the park comes alive with good musical vibes, kids train rides, Segways, MTBikers and delicious coffees and breakfasts in the restaurant.

The market has now extended the weekly offering with handmade crafts, fairy goodies with magical doors, beautiful hand made jewellery, a selection of jams, pickles, breads, cheeses, olives, ready made meals such as Collisheen’s chicken and prawn curry, home grown organic veggies and herbs, pancakes, gourmet popcorn and plenty more.

We love supporting local charities and have stalls on offer to help them – Seema and her Sables Creatures team are a great hit with their puppies that are looking for homes and for the month of September we have Kelvin and Shane who were introduced to us by Lesley Forrest from Vision 153, a local NPO who work closely within the community.

Lesley & Marc suggested showcasing someone underprivileged and what they do and it seemed in line with the Vision ethos.  They  went for lunch at Lol’s a month or two back and Kelvin was there.  Lesley listened to his story and marveled at his creativity and when she heard he is currently separated from his wife and kids trying to make a better life for them to ultimately join him here, her heart broke for him.  She wanted to give them an opportunity and then the Sugar Rush Market offered them the place to also sell their beautiful creations and meet a new market.

Kelvin who originates from Zimbabwe spends his days creating beautiful animals out of recycled cans.  He can make anything from a small keyring to a life sized animal – warthogs, giraffe, rhino and plenty more.

He used to watch other people making animals out of wire and beads and started making saxophones originally in about 2010 – once he realized he could actually make anything, he started creating animals and he loves the diversity of different creatures – it can take him a whole day to make a medium sized animal and they generally go for about R300.

The old cans are made out of metal and rust so they give a very different look when they are older – they tend to be more expensive as cans are now made out of an aluminium material and do not rust – it’s softer and easier to work with and not as sharp.

Shane and Kelvin met in High school in Zim and have been good friends ever since.

Shane is also very talented and has taught himself to make animals and other items out of wire and plastic bags.  He diligently site tightly wrapping the plastic around the wire to create incredible pieces – it’s hard to tell what they are made out of until you look closely.

These take even longer to make than the can animals – his fish for example costs around R400.

Not only are they creative, happy guys who simply love what they do but they are also helping recycle cans and plastic bags so it’s even more reason to support them 😊

You can find them at the Sugar Rush Market on Saturday mornings and at Lol’s on Sundays.

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